Learn All About PurSpray

What is PurSpray?

100% non-toxic and environmentally-friendly PurSpray is a multi-purpose first aid spray. PurSpray is safe for all pets as      a gentle, effective treatment for skin, eyes and ears. PurSpray has just two non-toxic ingredients. The active ingredient is hypochlorous acid, or HOCL, a naturally-occuring chemical powerful enough to sterilize surgical equipment yet safe enough to lick. You'd be hard pressed to find that combination in any of the leading pet treatment options. 

How is PurSpray different than what I'm using now? 

At PurSpray, we say it like this: not all chemicals are created harmful. Some are very harmful, even deadly. Others provide vital nutrients to our bodies (NaCL or table salt) and still others like our active ingredient HOCl protect us from harmful viruses and bacteria. We know firsthand how committed we pet parents are to our pets' health. Ironically, the very products we use to heal and protect them often contain chemicals that can harm them.

PurSpray for Hot Spots and Wounds 

PurSpray is the ideal solution for treating hot spots and wounds. While it can all start with a single flea bite, you can stop the vicious scratching-biting cycle before a bacterial infection erupts with PurSpray.  Just read about Jo Lynn and her precious Pomeranian!

Our Pomeranian (14) has had an allergy to flea bites since he was a puppy. They cause a terrible reaction and the area will quickly become infected. It means a trip to the vet, antibiotics and a steroid treatment. There has never been any other solution until PurSpray. This past week we took our dog to a dog park and he was bitten by a flea. I used PurSpray on the area and it was amazing. With anything else I’ve tried, it stings and doesn’t help the pain or infection. With PurSpray, he was feeling better in seconds and back to himself shortly after. This is a terrific product. It has saved our sweet dog hours of discomfort and the dangers of medicine and steroids, and it saved us a huge vet bill!
— Jo Lynn D.

The Safety Benefits of PurSpray 

Got kids or grandkids? PurSpray is the ideal solution for families with little ones. It is safe, non-toxic and yet extremely effective, Children are some of the most vulnerable to the harmful chemicals we use in our homes on a DAILY basis. Be part of the change by using PurSpray to promote healthy pets, healthy people and a healthy planet. 

The Monetary Benefits of PurSpray 

Unlike many commercial pet treatment options, PurSpray is multipurpose. You can now use the same safe and powerful solution for everything from minor cuts and wounds to flea bites, icky ears and teary eyes. In fact, you can safely try PurSpray on any skin, eye or ear condition! You can see why the monetary savings of PurSpray are immense. Why buy several products when you may need only one?

Using PurSpray all day keeps the vet at bay! The meaning behind this cute saying is simple: when you have the power to treat your pet at home, you can skip unnecessary visits to the vet. Let's face it: our veterinarians are an extremely important part of our pet's lives and wellbeing, but frequent visits not only wreak havoc on the emotional wellbeing of our pets, but they are very expensive. PurSpray helps you to keep your vet visits to yearly checkups and serious emergencies.