PurSpray offers pet owners a safe, effective alternative to conventional pet care and toxic chemicals. How is PurSpray different? Unlike many pet products for skin, eye and ears, fleas, ticks and hot spots, PurSpray’s active ingredient, hypochlorous acid, or HOCl, is natural, safe and effective: 

  • natural, because it occurs naturally in both human and animal immune systems where it attacks invading pathogens;
  • safe, because it will not harm humans or animals, whether applied to the skin, eyes, or nose, inhaled or ingested by mouth, and it is 100% eco-friendly;
  • effective, because it kills 99.999% of bacteria, fungi and viruses in seconds. It's the perfect ingredient for the treatment of skin, eye and ear conditions.

The process for creating HOCl is not new technology – in fact, it has been around for over 100 years and is proven and reliable. Indeed, HOCl has been recognized as a powerful disinfectant in many countries for decades, including Germany, France and Japan, and as such is used far more broadly around the world than in the United States.  Hundreds of tests have been conducted that prove HOCL's effectiveness against bacteria, viruses and fungus. While complete test results are generally available only for a price, the following summaries provide a sampling. If you wish to see further studies, please contact us.

Unrivaled for killing bacteria

While the technology that produces HOCl has become more sophisticated, the basic process is the same.  A small charge of electricity transforms simple tap water and salt into two forms of electrolyzed water: HOCl, classified as a disinfectant; and sodium hydroxide, a general cleaner and degreaser. Both are 100% nontoxic and perfectly safe for humans, animals and the environment.  Tests done by independent laboratories as well as the EPA validate HOCl’s unrivaled effectiveness and safety.  For example, HOCl has been proven in clinical tests to be 200 times more powerful than chlorine bleach. It is the ideal disinfectant and sanitizer, killing most pathogens in seconds, including E. coli, MRSA, TB, C-diff and salmonella.

Unrivaled for safety

HOCl outperforms conventional disinfectants in effectiveness and, perhaps most importantly, safety.  Recognized and approved by the FDA for open wound care and the disinfecting of surgical equipment, this powerful disinfectant is perfectly safe for skin, eyes and lungs, a claim most chemical ingredients would be hard pressed to make. It may also be sprayed directly on fruit, vegetables, meat and fish, in fact on any food, to remove bacteria; and no rinsing is needed before eating.

In short, HOCl makes PurSpray the perfect product for pet parents looking for an alternative to harmful chemicals.  PurSpray is natural, safe, effective and eco-friendly -- a perfect fit with our company’s core commitment:


At PurSpray, we are committed to making a healthy difference in the lives of pets, people and the planet. At a time when the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) warn us about the dangers of exposure to toxic chemicals, many of us would be surprised at just how many are in our own homes. 

Indeed, we are more apt to be exposed to harmful chemicals in our homes than anywhere else. When our tubs are scummy, our windows grimy, our cabinets dull, our coffee table dusty, or the house smells of the broccoli we cooked for dinner, what do we reach for?  In most cases, products loaded with harmful chemicals. They are under our kitchen and bathroom sinks, in our linen closets and laundry rooms, and even in the nursery. They’re also in the pet products we use, ironically enough, to protect and heal our pets.