Obesity in Pets -- The Two Keys to Getting Your Pet Fit

While a pudgy pet may be cuddly and even cute, the truth is he's unlhealthy. Estimates of the number of obese cats and dogs are as high as 50% or more; but the percentage of pet owners who think their pet’s weight is just fine is even higher, nearly 90%! That discrepancy has come to be known as “the fat gap.” An appropriate name, don’t you think?

Honey – How to Sweeten Your Pet’s Health (and your own)

Honey – How to Sweeten Your Pet’s Health (and your own)

Many of us have always loved honey and thought of it as a natural, wholesome, healthy food.  And it is.  Sometimes. If you’re used to buying your honey off the supermarket shelf, you may not be buying honey at all. It’s sad but true. 

April. It's All About Kids and Pets!

April is National Autism Awareness Month. It’s also the month we celebrate National Pet Day, National Kids and Pets Day and National Library Week. Over the course of just one month, we shine a light on kids, pets, the challenges of autism, and reading. This gives me the happy opportunity to highlight several remarkable programs that all share a common denominator: the special relationship between kids and pets.