Natural Flea Control

Natural Flea Prevention: 10 Alternatives to Toxic Chemicals

We Americans spend about a billion dollars a year on products that we hope will protect our pets from fleas. No one can blame us for wanting to avoid these nasty little guys; but the use of toxic chemicals must be weighed against the dangers they pose to the health of our pets and our families, particularly our children.

Flea Collars--Why They Should Be a Last Resort

Fleas, of course, are best known for making a pet’s life miserable with persistent scratching; but they can also transmit disease and tapeworms, and severe infestations can lead to life-threatening anemia in your pet.  So why not just buckle a flea collar around your pet’s neck, or squeeze a tiny tube of spot-on treatment between their shoulder blades, and call it a day?  Good question!

The Flea Comb. Tiny Teeth, Tough on Fleas!

Lying awake at night worrying about fleas? Wondering where to start in your fight against these little critters? Are you starting to itch just thinking about it?? Behold the mighty flea comb. This tiny-toothed wonder is considered by, well, nearly everyone to be your pet’s first line of defense against that dreaded pest, the flea. 

Greenwashing: When "Green" Isn't

"Green" --  it's everywhere! We see it on laundry detergents and window cleaners, on pet food, toilet bowl cleaners and even in ads for cars.  Does this mean the product is safe for the environment? And for our families?

Well, maybe not.

Holistic Pet Care: 3 Steps to a Toxin-Free Home

Every day, we expose ourselves, our pets and our children to toxic chemicals -- right in our own homes! Think your home isn't toxic? Think again, and then take these steps to protect your family.