PurSpray: The Key to Fewer Vet Visits (and Less Stress!)

Stress.  We all deal with it on a daily basis.  Some of it is just part of living in a our fast-paced, over-scheduled, bordering-on-frantic 21st-century global community, something over which we have little control.  So when there’s something we can control, a piece of our lives we can de-stress – that’s huge.  

PurSpray:  De-stressing the Stressful

If we’re honest with ourselves, we would admit that we stress over our pet’s health as much, maybe even more, than we do over our own. Are we feeding him the healthiest food? Are we using the safest flea collar? Will that tick give her Lyme's disease? What about vaccinations and treatments for hot spots, wounds, and skin irritations?

And what about those vet visits? If we have a pet who gets nervous, perhaps even frantic, at the mere hint of a trip to the vet . . .well, then we end up nervous and frantic as well, which in turn, seems to increase our pet's unhappy state even more, of course.  Then there’s the inevitable cost of the visit, too, which can be significant.  Sigh.  I’m getting stressed just thinking about it.

Perhaps the best way to reduce the stress of vet visits is to have fewer of them!

Of course, you shouldn’t neglect annual wellness visits to the vet, nor should you ignore troublesome symptoms like a sudden change in appetite or weight loss.  At the same time, you might not be so quick to run to the vet for minor problems if you were sure you could treat your pet safely and effectively at home.

That’s where PurSpray enters the picture. 

With PurSpray, you can safely and confidently treat minor problems at home:

  • Spray flea and tick bites with PurSpray immediately so they don’t develop into hot spots (it can happen overnight!). 
  • Minimize the risk of infection by treating wounds with PurSpray. 
  • Ear infection? Treat it as often and as long as you need to with PurSpray without fear of harmful side effects (like he can get from antibiotics). 

PurSpray is powerful yet gentle, safe for all pets, safe to lick, and it will not sting.

PurSpray.  Stress-free treatment at its best.