PurSpray. Pure, Safe and Natural

OK, I'll admit it isn’t one of life’s bigger questions, but if you're a pet owner, we think it's one you should ask:

“Why should I buy PurSpray?”

There are lots of pet first aid products out there, so what makes PurSpray the best choice?

What’s in a Name?  Sometimes, plenty.

First, let’s take a look at the name:  PurSpray (yes it's pronounced “pure-spray”). We chose that name because PurSpray is, well, pure, and when we think of pure, we think of safe and natural, too.  Pure, safe and natural.  That describes PurSpray to a T.

Let’s look at each one.

1.  PurSpray is pure

PurSpray contains absolutely no toxic ingredients, no antibiotics or steroids, no preservatives and no alcohol (or anything else that stings). In fact, PurSpray contains just two ingredients – yup, just two – both of which are 100% non-toxic. I’ll go into more detail about these ingredients in a later post; but for now, think PURE.

2.  PurSpray is safe

PurSpray is safe for all pets, whether you have a dog, a cat, a rabbit, a gerbil, a gecko, a cockatiel, a horse or a goat. It will not harm your pet – or you, for that matter – whether applied to skin, eyes, ears or nose; even if it’s licked or inhaled.  You don’t need to worry about getting it on your skin, and you don’t need to rinse when you clean with it.  I have two very young grandchildren, so you can bet I don’t want anything in my home that could harm them if they got into it. Think SAFE.

3.  PurSpray is natural.

Whenever you see a product described as “natural,” your response should be, “Prove it!” 

We can.

Our active ingredient – remember, there are only two ingredients – is a naturally-occurring chemical that you can find in your own immune system and your pet’s immune system (if you could take a look). Its job? To kill invading pathogens. And it does such a stellar job that the FDA has approved it for use in open wound care. I’ll tell you more about HOCl later, too; but for now, think NATURAL

We think those are three great reasons for having PurSpray in your home.  Our pet customers do, too.  They've had great success using PurSpray to treat hotspots, wounds, ear infections, weepy eyes, itches, even mange. 

Pure. Safe. Natural.  That’s PurSpray.