PurSpray: Simplicity and Savings

Simplicity and savings.

Sound good?  PurSpray first aid spray delivers both.

Keep it Simple, and Save

When it comes to caring for our pets, things can get complicated and expensive. We Americans think of our pets as members of our family, so we want to give them the best care possible. We’re committed to their health, but sometimes we’re faced with confusing -- and pricey -- choices. 

Walk with me for a moment down the health care aisle of your pet super store.

You’ll find products for wound care and hot spots; treatments for ear infections, skin irritations, and flea bites; ear cleaners and eye rinses. There are sprays, gels, ointments, foams and creams, and they all claim to “heal,” “soothe,” and “relieve.” How to choose?  And if you have multiple pets or unusual, exotic pets, well, it may mean an additional trip to a specialty pet shop.

Just how many products do I need to buy???

Perhaps just one.

Multipurpose PurSpray Keeps It Simple

What does multipurpose mean? It means PurSpray is safe for every size and species of pet, and it’s a safe, gentle, effective first aid treatment for just about any kind of problem. 

  • Hot spots?  They can literally happen overnight.  All it takes is one flea or tick bite.  As soon as you're aware of a bug bite, spray on PurSpray! Already got a nasty hotspot? PurSpray will soothe inflamed skin and banish bacteria.
  • Flea bites driving your pet crazy? Grab the PurSpray!  It won’t keep fleas away, but it will calm that awful itch and guard against infection.
  • Ear infection? PurSpray’s active ingredient kills the bacteria that cause infection, yet it’s gentle enough for your pet’s ears. Are ear infections a regular thing with your pet? Apply PurSpray two or three times a week – for the life of your pet, if necessary – without fear of harmful side effects or that your pet will build up an immunity to the treatment.
  • Weepy eyes and stained fur? PurSpray is safe enough to spray around, even into, the eyes.  Waxy, dirty ears?  Clean 'em up with PurSpray.
  • Has your pet recently had surgery? PurSpray’s active ingredient will keep bacteria at bay and speed the healing process of post-surgical sites. This goes for cuts and wounds, too, of course.
  • Multiple pets? A mix of species? No problem.  PurSpray is safe for all pets, from dogs and cats to cockatiels and iguanas, rabbits and guinea pigs.

Why buy several products when you may need only one?

PurSpray.  Simplicity and savings rolled into one. 

How could it get any better?