Obesity in Pets -- The Two Keys to Getting Your Pet Fit

While a pudgy pet may be cuddly and even cute, the truth is he's unlhealthy. Estimates of the number of obese cats and dogs are as high as 50% or more; but the percentage of pet owners who think their pet’s weight is just fine is even higher, nearly 90%! That discrepancy has come to be known as “the fat gap.” An appropriate name, don’t you think?

The Cat Food Conundrum -- Canned or Dry?

The Cat Food Conundrum -- Canned or Dry?

Questions. We face them every day, all day.  For us cat owners, one of our less-than-life-changing-but-nevertheless-significant questions has to do with what we feed our feline friends. Do we go with canned or kibble? Wet or dry? Pate or pellets?

Pet Food Labels--The Key to Choosing the Best Pet Food

When it comes to commercial pet food, “caution” is the byword. Lengthy lists of what ingredients to watch out for abound, bringing to mind a vision of the conscientious pet owner standing for hours in the pet food aisle deciphering the tiny print on cans and bags of pet food. Thankfully, there are a few simple guidelines that will get you, and your pet, headed in the right direction. It all comes down to the label.