Flea Collars--Why They Should Be a Last Resort

Fleas, of course, are best known for making a pet’s life miserable with persistent scratching; but they can also transmit disease and tapeworms, and severe infestations can lead to life-threatening anemia in your pet.  So why not just buckle a flea collar around your pet’s neck, or squeeze a tiny tube of spot-on treatment between their shoulder blades, and call it a day?  Good question!

Tales from the Litter Box -- Five Sustainable Kitty Litters

Tales from the Litter Box -- Five Sustainable Kitty Litters

Sustainable, eco-friendly, green, natural . . .whatever term you prefer, they all point to the fact that we want our children and grandchildren to inherit a healthy environment. As a result, we’re taking a critical look at the things we buy – including conventional clay kitty litter. 

Sustainability. How to Raise A Sustainable Pet

Sustainability. You can read about it in Scientific AmericanForbes Magazine, and even the Daytona Beach Journal. Businesses and industries from banking to pharmaceuticals, hotels to big box stores, Coca-Cola to L’Oreal are all touting their sustainability initiatives. But what is sustainability? And what in the world does it have to do with pets??