toxic pet toys

Choosing a Pet -- 11 Steps to a Good Match

Thinking of adding a pet to your family?  Be sure you and your family take the time to consider what it will mean for all of you to add another member to your household! And one with very particular needs at that. Here are some questions that will help you decide if you’re ready for a pet and, if so, which one is right for you.

Toxic Pet Toys?? 13 Steps to Choosing Safe Toys for your pet

Are our pets’ toys harmful? Even toxic?  I'm afraid the answer is yes.  At least some of them are, primarily because of the chemicals they contain. Here are 13 steps to choosing safe toys for your pet.

Sustainability. How to Raise A Sustainable Pet

Sustainability. You can read about it in Scientific AmericanForbes Magazine, and even the Daytona Beach Journal. Businesses and industries from banking to pharmaceuticals, hotels to big box stores, Coca-Cola to L’Oreal are all touting their sustainability initiatives. But what is sustainability? And what in the world does it have to do with pets??

Greenwashing: When "Green" Isn't

"Green" --  it's everywhere! We see it on laundry detergents and window cleaners, on pet food, toilet bowl cleaners and even in ads for cars.  Does this mean the product is safe for the environment? And for our families?

Well, maybe not.