What is PurSpray?Why should I choose PurSpray?Why is it important that PurSpray is “antibiotic-free?”What are the ingredients in PurSpray?What species of pets can be treated with PurSpray?What kinds of problems will PurSpray treat?Does PurSpray require rinsing? Why should I use PurSpray instead of other treatments for pets? PurSpray has a faint chlorine or bleach smell.  Does that mean it will sting my pet? Why the shorter shelf life?

What is PurSpray?

  • PurSpray is truly two products in one.
  • First, PurSpray is a natural, non-toxic treatment for pet skin, eyes and ears.
  • Second, PurSpray is an environmentally safe, no-rinse cleaner for everything from food bowls to water dispensers, pet carriers to litter boxes, toys to accessories, hamster cages to reptile terrariums to rabbit hutches.

Why should I choose PurSpray?

  • PurSpray is just that:  pure.  It contains no toxic ingredients, no preservatives, no antibiotics or steroids, and no preservatives.
  • PurSpray is gentle.  It won’t sting or irritate tender skin, and it’s perfectly safe for use around eyes, ears and mouth.
  • PurSpray is safe.  Safe for pets, even if inhaled or ingested.  Safe for people: you don’t need to wear gloves or rinse your hands after using PurSpray. Safe for the planet:  PurSpray won’t add any contaminants to our air, water or soil.

Why is it important that PurSpray is “antibiotic-free?”

  • We have all been over-exposed to antibiotics for years, e.g., in our doctors’ and veterinarians’ offices, and even in the meat, chicken and fish we eat. As a result, more and more bacteria have developed a resistance to antibiotics.  These “super bugs” do not respond to traditional antibiotic treatment, leading many experts to predict that we are fast approaching a day when even minor infections will not respond to treatment.
  • Solving this problem – one the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) call “a global threat” – will take a multi-pronged approach, of course; but one solution is to find ways to treat ourselves and our pets without antibiotics and to clean without chemicals that promote the growth of super bugs.  PurSpray is just such a solution.

What are the ingredients in PurSpray?

  • There are just two ingredients in PurSpray, nothing more.
  • PurSpray’s primary ingredient is hypochlorousacid (HOCl), a naturally occurring molecule found in our (and our pets’) immune systems where it kills invading bacteria and viruses.
  • The second ingredient is a highly diluted form of sodium hydroxide (NaOH), an ingredient commonly found in soap that helps stabilize our solution.
  • Both ingredients are eco-friendly, people-friendly, and pet-friendly.

What species of pets can be treated with PurSpray?

  • PurSpray is safe for all animals. Whether you’re a lover of cats or dogs, rabbits or reptiles, guinea pigs or cockatoos, you can rest assured that your pet is getting safe, effective treatment with PurSpray.

What kinds of problems will PurSpray treat?

  • PurSpray is an effective treatment for minor cuts and scratches as well as more serious lacerations and wounds. It is also safe for use on your pet's eyes and ears.
  • PurSpray is effective against rashes, skin irritations caused by flea and tick bites, ringworm, and hot spots and can complement treatment for mange, gently soothing tender, affected skin.
  • PurSpray will not sting or irritate skin and is safe to lick.
  • Sprayed in your dog’s mouth, it will temporarily eliminate “dog breath!”

*For directions on how to use PurSpray, visit our Buy PurSpray page

Does PurSpray require rinsing?

  • Absolutely not! Simply spray and let PurSpray do its work.  You don’t need to worry if your pet licks the sprayed area, and you don’t even need to rinse your hands. PurSpray is safe for your pet and safe for you.

Why should I use PurSpray instead of other treatments for pets?

  • Become a savvy shopper and check out product labels for ingredients and warnings. If there are chemical ingredients, research them online to be sure they are safe for you, your pet and your family.  We believe PurSpray will stand up to such scrutiny, as it contains no toxic ingredients.
  • In particular, look for warnings against contact with children and pregnant women as well as contact with the eyes, nose or mouth of pets or people. These are signs of toxic ingredients that, at the very least, could cause stinging or discomfort for your pet.  More importantly, they could be toxic to you and your children. PurSpray, by contrast, will not sting and is even safe for your pet to lick.
  • Many products also warn against prolonged use, as the pet can build up an immunity to the medication, rendering it ineffective. PurSpray creates no such immunity; in fact, it can be used indefinitely as a preventive for recurring problems and simply to soothe your pet’s skin.

PurSpray has a faint chlorine or bleach smell.  Does that mean it will sting my pet?

  • PurSpray's key ingredient ishypochlorous acid, or HOCl, which is not toxic to humans or animals.  While PurSpray's smell is similar to that of a mild bleach solution, it does not contain any bleach at all.
  • Unlike bleach, PurSpraywill not sting or irritate your pet at all!  In fact, it will immediately soothe a variety of irritations and itches, e.g. bites from fleas and other bugs.

I’ve seen products with a shelf life of up to 18 months while PurSpray is effective up to 9 months. Why the shorter shelf life?

  • Honestly, the shorter shelf life reflects the purity of our product. Other products contain additives that extend the shelf life, but those additives can compromise the safety of the product. For this reason, we believe it is important to keep PurSpray as pure and free of additives as possible.
  • To ensure that shelf life, we make sure your bottle of PurSpray is as fresh as possible when you receive it. We won’t bottle your order until your box is ready and waiting to be shipped. Once you receive it, keeping it in a cool place will further ensure its potency.