Making a healthy difference in the lives of pets and their people

By Joan Stolar Smith

Joan Stolar Smith, President of PurSpray

Like many American families – nearly 70% of us, in fact – ours has always had a pet or two:  the obligatory hamsters and parakeets when our boys were young; a striking, white malamute-shepherd; a Corgi with an attitude (his name, Bedford, says it all); and most recently, an endearingly affectionate black cat named Kitty who never fails to welcome us home by trotting to the door, flopping down on the floor and waiting for a belly rub.

As pet owners ourselves, we know all about the love affair that we pet parents have with our pets.

It was not that love alone, however, that propelled us into the pet industry.

As parents of two grown sons and now grandparents of a toddler, we are deeply concerned about the effects of harmful chemical ingredients on children.*

Our introduction to the power of electrolyzed water and its remarkable, non-toxic properties provided us with an exciting opportunity:  to bring together our love for pets and our concern for the health of our children to create a product that provides safe, effective treatment for pets without the toxic chemicals that can be harmful to our children and our planet, never mind to the pets themselves.

It may be a small step, but we hope you’ll join us in our commitment to healthy pets, healthy people, and a healthy planet.

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PurSpray: 100% non-toxic and environmentally-friendly; a dual-purpose spray that is safe for all pets as a gentle, effective treatment for skin, eyes and ears, and as a cleaner for pet living areas and accessories. 

Healthy pets. Healthy people. Healthy planet.

*Because children’s bodies, organs and immune systems are still developing, they are particularly vulnerable to the harmful effects of chemicals.  Both the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the National Academy of Sciences consider the abundance of chemicals in our environment highly complicit in the alarming rise in childhood asthma as well as developmental and learning disabilities like ADHD and autism.  In addition, chemicals inside our own homes poison thousands of children every year.