We are loving our PurSpray!!
Partner’s ears have always had issues, and I’ve been just putting one squirt of PurSpray in each ear and massaging, and they don’t seem to bother him anymore!! Before, he would shake his head a lot and scratch his ears. He no longer has to deal with itchy ears! PurSpray is amazing!!!! I keep it in his first aid kit when traveling to competitions. You never know when it’ll come in handy. Very effective product!
— Lynze S., Beggs, OK
[PurSpray helps people, too!] First I would like to say that your product beats the others on the market hands down!! My husband got Chigger Bites from mowing and swore by it for helping with the itching (not to mention the infection from him scratching)! I recently got bitten by a dog and your product was instrumental in speeding up the healing without the burning that I had with Vetericyn. Here at our pet resort, I have used Purspray for cleaning ears, eyes, hotspots, bee stings, you name it!! Thanks so much for providing such a wonderful product.
— Tammy Orndorff, Creature Comfort Inn, Strasburg, VA
Our Golden “OZZY” always gets itchy ears before we leave for a trip. This time, his ears were red, slightly swollen and smelly, sure signs of a soon-to-be vet trip. I left the bottle of PurSpray for our pet-sitter, with a ream of cotton rounds, and we hoped for a miracle! After just 3 days of swabbing his ears 3 times a day, there was no more redness, no more smell; and Ozzy didn’t mind being treated with PurSpray as he has with others in the past. Thank you!!!
— Amanda & Anthony Bennie, Clear Conscience Pet, Wilton CT
PurSpray is such a GREAT product! Our shelter has been using PurSpray for over a year now. We use it to clean every day throughout the shelter, and we use it on the animals for skin infections, rashes, hot spots, wounds, and ear infections. It works! The healing time is much faster than with other topical solutions. We have to be very careful when using anything on or around the animals; because PurSpray is all natural, this was a no-brainer. We tell everyone who comes to our shelter about PurSpray. We truly appreciate PurSpray for supporting our homeless animals and helping the environment. THANK YOU!
— Susie Cooper, Director Southeast Volusia Humane Society, New Smyrna Beach, FL
The red spots on all of my dogs have disappeared for the first time in 3 years! We were always told that the spots were signs of an allergy; but PurSpray worked!
— Chantelle S.
When we adopted our kittens from a rescue home they had a number of medical issues. We treated their ear infections with PurSpray for about a week. When we brought them to our vet for a checkup, the ear infections were gone. We administered the solution with a dropper and obviously it worked well. We will use it as a preventative method in the future. We also use PurSpray to ensure the kittens’ litter box and food bowls remain clean and safe for them to use.
— Tom H.
Just a note to let you know how pleased we are with the results of your product. We have been rescuing dogs, particularly Shar Pei, for many years. Most of them have skin issues, and the sores caused by their scratching are the real problem. We have treated our Pei and our Lab with PurSpray, and the results have been fantastic. The time that it takes to resolve the scratching is considerably less, and with proper diet, they are both well on their way to complete healing. A stray we “found” had many flea bites and also ticks. We applied PurSpray to the sores; within days he was healed.
— Jim D.
Our Pomeranian is 14 years old. He has had an allergy to flea bites since he was a puppy. They cause a terrible reaction. He begins chewing at the area, ripping his hair out, and whimpering. The area will quickly become infected. It means a trip to the vet, antibiotics and a steroid treatment. There has never been any other solution until PurSpray. This past week we took our dog to a dog park and he was bitten by a flea. I used PurSpray on the area and it was amazing. With anything else I’ve tried, it stings and doesn’t help the pain or infection. With PurSpray, he was feeling better in seconds and back to himself shortly after. This is a terrific product. It has saved our sweet dog hours of discomfort and the dangers of medicine and steroids, and it saved us a huge vet bill.
— Jo Lynn D.
My active mare stepped on a roof nail and punctured her frog. The frog is very sensitive. I cleaned the hoof and then sprayed it with PurSpray. She was running the very next day! I checked her hoof; the puncture was closed and no infection. I sprayed it again for good measure. It has been over 2 weeks and no problems. I swear by this product!
— Kris F.